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The Palais Memory Project

A request for your stories...
Dear Wonderful Friends of the Palais!
Thank you for your time in submitting for the Palais Memory Project and sharing your wonderful memory with us. We look forward to reading all your stories and getting to know the people who got to celebrate the Palais when it was thriving in its true identity - a theatre for dance, music and wonderful community events. 
As the Artistic Director of Palais Geelong and creator of this Memory Project, I ask for stories that go beyond the event. We love that you saw INXS or Motorhead in the 80's or that you met your husband or partner there. But we want to delve further into the experiences people have had at the Palais Theatre. Perhaps it's about the people you met and why it was so special or the music you heard and how much of an impact it had on you, or maybe you worked there or played in a band even played bingo there!? Whether the memory occurred in the 90's, 70's or the 50's, we care about the connection you made while at the Palais.
Why do we want to know this? Because for this project we want to explore and document the people and wonderful communities of Geelong while also celebrating the influence the Palais had as a part in that. Your memories and your personal contribution to the building will benefit the future potential and outcomes of the venue and we would like to acknowledge this by rewarding submissions with the opportunity to attend our fabulous gala launch later this year.
After filling out the form and clicking SUBMIT below you will have successfully submitted your form! You will then be redirected to our subscriber page where we welcome you the option to subscribe to our newsletter - we are so excited for the Palais to open it's doors in 2021 as an entertainment venue and we would love for you to be the first to know.
Thank you for your time and I hope you are keeping safe and healthy!

Robert Tripolino - Artistic Director of Palais Geelong.
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