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Palais History


Oral History Project - Call Out

Personal stories gathered for the oral history project will document the central social significance of the Palais for Geelong and its connected regional communities for forging personal relationships as well as community and business networking. Living memory has a reach to the 1950s, but some members of the community remember the stories of forebears who told stories of the Palais from earlier times.

The oral history will be integrated with historical research of untapped archival material and cover a range of themes. Together with archival research the oral histories will highlight how the chapters of the Palais story reflect the fortunes and growth of Geelong in the 20th Century as
it evolved as a modern multicultural city.

Please share below your contact details and brief description of your historical story or memory of the Palais Theatre. We will be in touch to discuss and organise an oral history recording with our Historian. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for sharing your Palais stories with us!!!

If you previously were engaged with the Palais House Of Dreams project in June 2021 we have your wonderful stories thankyou. If you have further history of the building and the community please do get in touch.


The Palais Oral History project is funded by the Community History Grant Scheme
managed by the Public Record Office of Victoria.

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